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Made from high-quality Carborundum and ceramic materials fired at 1350 °C the AquaVita Air Stones ar..
8""x40"" Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter. 950 CFM Funk Filters consist of an aluminum housing packed w..
Take control of your grow room with the new iPonic 614 Controller from Link4. Developed for the comm..
These lightweight 4""x10"" Standard Carbon Air Filters have an average lifespan of 1.5 years and co..
These lightweight 10""x30"" Standard Carbon Air Filters have an average lifespan of 1.5 years and c..
Great for use as garden markers and potted plant supports these all natural 3' bamboo stakes will la..
No screwdriver needed! These stainless steel clamps work well on irrigation hoses and small ducting ..
This basic 10"" x 20"" black plastic propagation tray without holes is great for all your propagatio..
These inserts act as root guards and fit inside net pots to support plants growing in aeroponic or h..
Looks like Powdered Sunshine!!! Our ultra-potent PK booster takes it to the next level. 20 times th..
These extra-quiet durable ceramic-coated 6"" Gro1 High-Output In-Line Duct Fans have UL listed compo..
Our Seedling Tray Inserts are available in 50 cell 72 cell and 98 cell packs and fit into all our 10..
Root Radiance seedling head mats warm the root area 10 to 20 degrees over the ambient temperature im..
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