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Welcome to Green Zone Hydroponics!

We are Scott and Kyle Yocina, and we’re committed to helping you have a successful grow the first time and every time. We have a wealth of growing knowledge to share with those that want it. With over 20 years in business, we’re still constantly learning and improving what we do for our precious plants and yours.

From the initial planning of your grow space to the final curing of your crops, we’re here to collaborate with and support you based on your budget, available grow space, experience level, and the time and effort you want to invest in the hobby.

Why Shop With Us

Anyone can take your money. We give you an education before we sell you anything, Issues or problems? We’ll help you figure them out every step of the way. When it comes to shopping online, nobody wants to deal with shipping things back or waiting for a warranty.

If you buy a bulb or light fixture online and it stops working, you will be without a light for a couple of weeks or more.

If you shop with Green Zone Hydroponics, you have the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment properly. If you have any issues or problems, we’ll help you figure them out – even by lending you a loaner while we send for a replacement light.

All of our bulbs come with a 1-year warranty, and most light fixtures have been between a 2 to 5-year warranty.

Scott & Kyle
Green Zone Hydroponics, Inc.