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About Green Zone

At Green Zone, we’re committed to helping you have a successful grow the first time and every time. We have a wealth of growing knowledge to share with those that want it. With over 20 years in business, we’re still constantly learning and improving what we do for our precious plants and yours.

From the initial planning of your grow space to the final curing of your crops, we’re here to collaborate with and support you based on your budget, available grow space, experience level, and the time and effort you want to invest.

Why Visit Us?

Shopping at Green Zone Hydroponics ensures you will receive top-quality products, along with expert guidance for all your gardening needs. Our experience gives us credibility over the wide range of premium growing mediums, nutrients, and equipment tailored to both indoor and outdoor growing.

Green Zone Hydroponics stands out from the rest as a result of our commitment to customer education, hoping to optimize your harvest, and ensure each customer is well-informed and confident in the product they purchase. We treat each customer with undivided respect, and take inventory recommendations to make sure customers get what they want or need. 

We provide personalized support, from planning your grow space to troubleshooting any issues customers may have. 

With competitive prices, extensive knowledge, and a strong focus on exceptional customer service, Green Zone Hydroponics is your trusted source for any level grower. 


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